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ScienceFitness is designed to help clients live a healthier lifestyle and reach their individual fitness goals by mixing effort and fun.

In a unique setting where it is just you, your trainer and your choice of music, we will work together  undisturbed, to get you into a shape you can be proud of!

Opening hours

  • Monday – Friday 7am to 9pm
  • Saturday’s 7am to 1pm
  • Sunday closed. subject to change to open!


Dave Moorehouse

The reason why I come to Science Fitness Studio is simply Kevin! He’s great at motivating me and helps me to push my limits and when I have exclusive use of all the facilities, what more could I want?

Dave Moorehouse

Kevin’s reputation is a real draw for me. I want to increase my fitness and bulk up a bit more. There is no-one else I would think of going to to achieve my goals.


Lu Firth

Science Fitness Studio is superb value for money. I appreciate privacy and not having to wait to get on equipment.

Lu Firth
Marios Margaritis

In only a matter of a few months others have noticed a considerable improvement in both my physique and fitness, and the credit must go to Kevin and the tailored plan he created for me.

Marios Margaritis


  • Look and choose
  • Phone and ask
  • Email or text

If you have any questions or would like to know more then please do not hesitate to call Kevin on the number below or use the contact form.

07402 946100

Pay As You Go Package

For those you can’t commit


Pay per session
  • £35 per hour
  • Single session

Bronze Package

For those who want consitency


Save £20/month
  • £260 per month
  • 2 sessions per week

Silver Package

For those who want results fast


Save £60/month
  • £360 per month
  • 3 sessions per week

Gold Package

For those who have serious goals


Save £120/month
  • £400 per month
  • 4 sessions per week

Why women can lift weights without worrying about getting bulky

Woman lifting weights

One of the most frequent questions from my female clients is “if I lift weights will I get big and bulky?”.

The answer is NO!

Firstly in order to get big bulky muscles you need to eat a required amount of calories.

This usually surpasses the daily recommended amount of

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