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Genetics in bodybuilding is EVERYTHING!

We are all born with some form of genetic blessings. This could be in the form of attractiveness, a better immune system than the next person and other physical traits like strength, body composition and bone structure. Genetics is probably one of the most important aspects in bodybuilding and all sports for the matter. What’s common is seeing guys’ who are not that well developed thinking if ...

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Does muscle turn to fat?

This is a great question which I love because photographic evidence of actors and retired athletes that once looked great and now look rather flabby and soft would suggest that’s the case. However the answer is a big fat NO! The explanation is muscles and fat are two completely different components, made from two complete opposite action. Subcutaneous fat deposits are a result of over calorie consumption leading the ...

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Why women can lift weights without worrying about getting bulky

One of the most frequent questions from my female clients is “if I lift weights will I get big and bulky?”. The answer is NO! Firstly in order to get big bulky muscles you need to eat a required amount of calories. This usually surpasses the daily recommended amount of 2000 to 2500 calories a day. Lets take into account that most people I meet don’t ...

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Why beginners should use the treadmill

A common opinion is why use a treadmill when you can go running outside for free? Of course there are benefits to running outside – fresh air for example!  However for beginners there are more benefits starting your cardio program on a treadmill. Here are five reasons why beginners should use the treadmill: The treadmill will set a consistent pace. A lot of people don’t ...

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