Does muscle turn to fat?

May 5, 2014 / body fat
Does muscle turn to fat?

This is a great question which I love because photographic evidence of actors and retired athletes that once looked great and now look rather flabby and soft would suggest that’s the case. However the answer is a big fat NO! The explanation is muscles and fat are two completely different components, made from two complete opposite action.

Subcutaneous fat deposits are a result of over calorie consumption leading the body to store the excess between the muscle and skin. This can also occur from eating high condensed calories like chocolate, biscuits and other snacks full of sugars. The body cannot cope with such a high spike in insulin and therefor stores the calories.

Muscles are made from repetitive movements against resistance i.e. exercise. During this process the muscles break down and small tears occur, proteins from food will help the healing process forming a new layer over the muscle sheath. This creates a fuller more shaped and pronounced muscle on the surface of the skin.

The reason you see famous people in magazines and on the news with no more six pack is quite simply DIET! Put aside the fact that during training they will have nutritionists on stand by, chefs on stand by, a personal trainer on stand by and their whole day is focused on getting in shape. Once that’s taken away and you’re left to your own devices then things start to go wrong.

If you exercise and you eat clean food (healthy food) and gain that physique you want then great, good for you. But if you STOP and continue to eat the same amount of calories whether it’s ‘clean food’ or not you’re still putting in calories that need to be burned and if they’re not burned off then you’re going to get fat. By reducing your calories in conjunction with the reduction of exercise output then your body will reduce in size but will not accumulate the excess body fat from over consumption.