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06 Mar


????What 1 lb of fat looks like????

One Pound of fat, that’s a pretty substantial size about the size of your fist! Imagine what loosing 5 or more might look like ????

1 gram of fat contains about 9 calories. One pound is equivalent 453.92 grams ,that adds up to 4,082 calories!


Actual body fat has (on average) 87% actual fat in it. So that’s about 3,500 calories. Because different areas of your body can contain different amounts of actual fat, the caloric value can range from about 3,400-3700.

Above are a few foods and how much you would need to have to hit this 3,500 calories! !

If you eat 35 bananas or even 2.6 M’ Burger Meals you won’t gain a lb of fat. You’ll end up burning or eliminating the majority. However consistently eating more calories than you burn, all that fat and extra calories add up. So wouldn’t it be better to learn more about healthy eating and balance the good and bad.

Wouldn’t it be better to get rid of those bad habits ???? – that’s why you’ve got to eat a bit less than you burn – CONSISTENTLY ????