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20 Feb


Read below to find out what really makes YOU lose fat! ????????

When it comes to the topic of fat loss which is very different to weight loss, we will find so much information out there on what you ‘should’ be doing, and we all know that most of that is a whole lot of bullsh*t. ????

Fat loss is actually a fairly simple process. You are only able to lose fat, when you manage to put your body in a caloric deficit, meaning you exert/use more energy than you consume. Actually simple maths right? ????

Fasted Cardio may burn more calories in the session than normal cardio but taken as day as a whole normal cardio burns the same amount of calories, if you hate it you will not be able to sustain it. Cardio is simply a TOOL to help put you in a larger deficit, but not essential for fat loss.


Meal Timing also does not matter. What matters is how much calories and macronutrients you consume throughout the day in total. Intermittent Fasting for example, is an effective fat loss aid which only allows you to eat in a certain window. So we see it is really not necessary.

Cutting out or lowering carb intake will definitely lower calories, but in no way is it a factor that contributes to fat loss. –

Hopefully the whole concept of fat loss can be easier to understand now.

Caloric deficit WILL make you lose fat. There is no need to try out other fat loss scams.????????????